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The IRCEP Standards


Listed below are the six (6) IRCEP Standards.  Under each standard is a description of information that should be included in the discussion of how a program meets the IRCEP Standards.  In addition, suggestions for possible documentation are also included in the guidelines.

Standard I

The program has a written mission statement, goals, curriculum, and criteria for student selection.

Guidelines for Meeting Standard I

Please describe the mission and goals of the program, the required curriculum, and how students are selected for the program.  In addition to the narrative description, please also provide links to an official website and/or a set of documents demonstrating that student, faculty, and the public have access to this information.

Standard II

The program has a designated individual responsible for the oversight of courses offered.

Guidelines for Meeting Standard II

Please provide the name, title, and contact information of the individual who is responsible for insuring that the program’s curriculum is adequate and appropriately delivered to students.  Please also provide links to any documents that support this individual’s authority to coordinate the program (e.g., official position description, letter of appointment).

Standard III

The program employs counsellor educators and trainers and has other resources of appropriate quality and sufficiency to achieve its mission and goals.

Guidelines for Meeting Standard III

Please provide information on the number of individuals teaching in the program, along with information regarding their qualifications to teach in the program.  Provide links to teacher resumes. Also, describe any other resources available to the program that assist in the education and training of counsellors (e.g., classrooms with recording facilities, partnerships with local schools, etc.).

Standard IV

The program has procedures for assessing students.

Guidelines for Meeting Standard IV

Describe how student learning and skill development is evaluated.  Describe how the faculty and teachers determine that a student has the appropriate attitudes, skills, and knowledge to be a counsellor.  Indicate what degrees and/or certificates are provided to students who successfully complete the counselling program.

Standard V

The program offers curricular experiences that broaden the knowledge base and skill development of all students in the program based on the following domains.  These two domains are considered necessary to the training of competent counsellors regardless of culture, country, region, work setting, or educational system. 

     Domain A – Counselling Skills and Practice

  • Communication/Counselling Skills
  • Theories and Techniques
  • Human Development
  • Supervised Field Practice

Domain B – Understanding the Social Context and Norms of Working as a Counsellor

  • Ethical Principles
  • Societal Norms
  • Diversity and Differences
  • Professional Identity
  • Research and Assessment

Guidelines for Meeting Standard V

Please describe where, how, and when students are provided with the knowledge and skills appropriate to each domain. Provide links to any documents that describe the curricular requirements or show how students progress through the program.

Standard VI
The program can provide documentation of legitimacy to operate.

Guidelines for Meeting Standard VI

Please provide information on requirements that must be met in your country, region and local area before an educational program can be offered to students.  Describe any special permission or licenses that are required for operating the program.  Please also provide a link to where these documents may be found.


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