Vision, Mission, and Core Values


IRCEP will promote the ongoing development and recognition of the counselling profession worldwide through the creation of a registry of approved counsellor education programs that use common professional requirements essential to the education and training of counsellors regardless of culture, country, region, work setting, or educational system.


In order to promote the development and recognition of the counselling profession worldwide, IRCEP’s mission is to 1) develop standards that focus on common professional requirements for counsellor education and training programs, 2) approve programs that meet the IRCEP Standards, 3) maintain a registry of approved programs, and 4) create networks of counsellor educators, students, and practitioners to further develop and promote excellence in counsellor education and training.

Core Values

IRCEP values

  • advancing quality assurance in counsellor education and training worldwide through the creation of standards that reflect the needs of diverse societies and cultures
  • respecting the diversity of instructional approaches and strategies
  • encouraging program improvement and best practices
  • strengthening the public’s understanding of counselling worldwide
  • creating networks of counsellor educators, students and practitioners
  • serving as leaders and advocates for the profession of counselling worldwide.