Rakesh Kumar Maurya

Rakesh Kumar Maurya was working as a school counselor. Although he was employed by one of the most prestigious government schools in India, he was quite upset with the fact that his skills as a counselor were not being utilized or understood by school authorities. Then, he read an article in a local newspaper that […]

Charles F. Gressard

IRCEP Steering Committee Chair Charles F. (Rick) Gressard has been a counselor since graduating from a master’s program in counseling at Kent State in 1971. Although he enjoyed travelling for personal reasons, Rick did not have professional contact with counseling outside the United States until 2000, when he joined the leadership of the National Board […]

Kadie-Ann Caballero-Dennis

Kadie-Ann Caballero-Dennis is a native of Jamaica, born in Kingston and growing up in Manchester.   Her interest in counseling came at a young age, when as a child, she experienced helping people with mental health issues. The experience led her to a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. “This experience impacted me at a young age and […]

Andreas Bienert

A native of Austria, Andreas Bienert grew up in a country that has deep roots in psychological theory as the home of Sigmund Freud and others, but counseling is yet to be recognized as a mental health practice.  After looking at preparation programs in Austria/Germany and the United States, Andreas chose to pursue his master’s […]

Sachin Jain

Sachin Jain is a true international counselor.  He completed a master’s degree in clinical psychology at VBS Purvanchal University in India.  Looking around for a next step, he realized he had to leave India to improve his skills. “There are no doctoral level programs in Counselor Education in India.  Even the master’s level programs struggle […]

Syntia Santos

Syntia Santos’s journey to become a counselor educator began in her native country, Honduras. Attending the only teaching training institution in the country at the higher education level, she completed her undergraduate degree in School Counseling at the National Pegagogic University.  Looking for her next challenge, she decided to learn English through an exchange program […]