October 15, 2015

Kadie-Ann Caballero-Dennis

Kadie-Ann Caballero-Dennis is a native of Jamaica, born in Kingston and growing up in Manchester.   Her interest in counseling came at a young age, when as a child, she experienced helping people with mental health issues. The experience led her to a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

“This experience impacted me at a young age and I was drawn to pursuing an education that would help me to work with such individuals. I think Counseling suited my personality better than Psychology.”

Such a realization led her to pursue a master’s degree at Shippensburg University, and ultimately to Fargo, North Dakota and a doctoral program at North Dakota State University.

“I have a love for teaching and hope to mentor counselors in training, as we develop our profession and create best practices and impart knowledge to a new generation of counselors.”

Kadie-Ann has already had a range of international experiences, working in the US, England and Jamaica, working with children, college students, persons with disabilities, and older adults.  She sees the biggest global need in counseling to be

“the need for genuine, caring, positive counselors who are willing to build positive professional relationships – individuals who believe in their clients and believe in the human spirit.”

Studying abroad is something Kadie-Ann supports completely – since she is still an international student.  When asked her advice to counseling student who are considering studying abroad, she says

“Do it! It can be challenging at times, but what is life without a challenge? Studying abroad helps to expand ones understanding of the world.”