October 13, 2016

Rakesh Kumar Maurya

Rakesh Kumar Maurya was working as a school counselor. Although he was employed by one of the most prestigious government schools in India, he was quite upset with the fact that his skills as a counselor were not being utilized or understood by school authorities. Then, he read an article in a local newspaper that talked about VBS Purvanchal University had been approved by IRCEP. Since VBS Purvanchal University is not far from where he lived, Rakesh reached out to the university to find out about additional opportunities to use and develop his interest and skills in counseling.

It was at VBS Purvanchal University that Rakesh met Dr. Sachin Jain through a common friend. The two men had an enlightening discussion on counseling and its future road map in India. Dr. Jain encouraged Rakesh to apply to the PhD program at the University of Wyoming, a US-based IRCEP program.

“I think words are not enough to express my happiness and gratitude towards him. I would never had the courage to move to the U.S. for my doctoral program in Counselor Education and Supervision without his guidance and support. He has been the catalyst who empowered me at almost every stage of my life since then.”